Stuart Clarke

Prof. Stuart Clarke is professor of surface science at the Department of Chemistry and the BP Institute, at the University of Cambridge.

His group’s research interests cover a wide range of problems in colloid and interface science. In particular, work has focussed on adsorption of molecules from solution to mineral interfaces and on the performance of additives such as corrosion and wear inhibitors from non-aqueous solvents. A particular favourite is non-covalent interactions of physisorbed molecular layers, such as hydrogen and halogen bonding.

Recent work includes interfacial studies of batteries and supercapacitors, anti-covid surfaces, UV activated adsorbing systems for preventing cholera and arsenic toxicity and surface studies under extreme conditions typical commercially (e.g. pressure, temperature and shear).

Much of his group’s work is performed at international neutron and synchrotron facilities.

Click here to watch Stuart’s talk at WeSST 2021.