Louise Wright


Louise Wright is the Head of Science for Data Science at NPL. The Data Science department consists of around 40 researchers with interests in data analytics and modelling (including machine learning, parametric and physics-based models and uncertainty quantification) and informatics (including data models, ontologies, and data quality metrics). The Head of Science role involves setting the strategic direction of the group, and working with academic and industrial partners to ensure the team delivers impact through its science.


Louise’s main area of expertise is the application of numerical approximation techniques for solution of partial differential equations, such as finite element analysis. She works across multiple areas, including stress analysis, heat transport, and electromagnetic modelling. Her interest in digital twinning arose because the topic unites modelling and data science to address interesting problems.

Louise received an MA in Mathematics from Cambridge University in 1994, and an MSc in Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis from Oxford University in 1995. She spent four years working with FE in industry before joining NPL in 1999. Louise is the chair of the NAFEMS Working Group on Computational Structural Mechanics, a member of the NAFEMS Working Group on Stochastics, and is a founding member of the NAFEMS Professional Simulation Engineer certification scheme.

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