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We are hosting WeSST – the Web Seminar Series on Tribology

The first cycle of online seminars was held in June 2020 under the theme:

Tribology Advances Over the Next Decade

Links to the seminars of the first series can few found below.

Stay tuned for announcements of the forecoming 2021 series!

About WeSST

WeSST wants to introduce online seminars as a tool for knowledge dissemination in the tribological community.

In our warming world the justification of long-distance air travel is becoming increasingly difficult, but the need for sharing of knowledge in scientific research remains vital.

We believe that online seminars can be a convenient additional mainstream mode of scientific information dissemination. The first cycle took place in Spring 2020, with six seminars and a Twitter poster conference  with the theme Tribology Advances Over The Next Decade.

The next series will be in 2021. Details will follow…

How does it work?

  • The talks will be streamed on our YouTube channel
  • It is important to register! Registered attendees will receive email updates on the seminars and a link to the video streaming prior to each seminar.
  • Interaction with the speaker from the participants during the live sessions will be possible via questions submitted via YouTube/Twitter/email during the seminar and selected by a moderator.
  • All the seminars will be recorded. The recording will go on this website and questions for the speaker will be open for one week after the seminar date.

Speakers - Spring 2020

Confirmed speakers

Programme - Spring 2020

Seminar Date Speaker 1 Speaker 2
26th May 2020 – 4pm CET Prof. Rob Carpick
University of Pennsylvania

Mechanisms of Tribochemical Interactions at the Nanoscale Revealed by in situ Experiments
Dr. Stefan J. Eder
AC2T and TU Wien

Large-Scale Atomistic Simulations as a tool to Explore Microstructural Development During Sliding and Grinding Processes
2nd June 2020 – 4PM CET Dr. R. Ian Taylor

Challenges for Lubricants & Lubrication in the Next 10 Years
Prof. James Batteas
Texas A&M University

Friction and Energy Dissipation in 2D Materials
9th June 2020 – 4PM CET Prof. Lars Pastewka
University of Freiburg

Emergence of Surface Roughness from Deformation and Wear
Prof. Guillermo Morales-Espejel
SKF and INSA Lyon

Tribology Modelling of Lubricated Contacts for Electrification
16th June 2020 – 4PM CET Prof. Rosa Espinosa Marzal
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Lubrication by Ionic Liquids
Prof. M. Clelia Righi
Università di Bologna 

Advancing Solid Interfaces and Lubricants by First Principles Material Design
23rd June 2020 – 4PM CET Dr. Victoria Van Camp

Is tribology wearing off? The role of friction, wear and lubrication in the age of Maintenance 4.0
Prof. Ashlie Martini
University of California Merced

Reactive Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Tribochemical Reactions
30th June 2020 – 4PM CET Prof. Izabela Szlufarska
University of Wisconsin Madison

Chemical and microstructural evolution in tribological contacts
Dr. Arben Jusufi
Exxon Mobil

Adsorption of Friction Modifier Additives


Profile picture of Chiara Gattinoni

Chiara Gattinoni

ETH Zurich

Chiara is a Research Fellow at ETH Zurich. She is surface scientist with an interest in the computational modelling of tribological and catalytic processes. She dreams of seeing ab initio methods become routinely used in tribology and she is working hard to make it happen.

Profile picture of James E. Ewen

James P. Ewen

Imperial College London

James is a Research Associate at Imperial College London. His research focuses on the application of molecular simulations to study surfaces and interfaces. Currently, he is particularly interested in mechanochemical effects on lubricant additive behaviour.



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